Water in the summertime

Shut up. My ass was hot.

Water for all the critters is something that takes up small chunks of time all day long. I must fill water buckets for everyone at least four times a day. I wonder about bigger containers, but the pigs flip theirs so quickly and Albus sits or lays in his that bigger doesn’t help. Since I’m using hoses, it’s just a constant chore. The sheep poop in their water, so bigger doesn’t help there either. In the heat and sun, they are all drinking so much water and I can’t stand to have dishes dry at all, so I’m constantly checking.

Splish splash

The water fowl have a small kiddie pool to swim in, and they get it so dirty that it must be cleaned out every day or it is really gross and stinky. Plus, in this heat, algae grows really quickly too so I hate to skip even a day. All the birds drink from that, too, even the chickens and turkeys. They are quite amusing when I refill it, though. I’m guaranteed a fun show from either the ducks or geese each time. Here is a clip of the silly ducks.

Bjarki thinks the only reason I drag out the hose is to play with him. He loves to have it sprayed straight into his mouth, or up high so he can jump for it. He spends most of the time I’m filling someone’s bucket barking at me to please squirt him NOW! Deez thinks he’s crazy — she runs away and glares at me if I spray her, but he just loves it. I put up a cute short video of him and his water hose obsession over on Flickr, here. We must play that game a dozen times during a typical day. At least it keeps him cool.

Please let me herd those ducks! Deeza does love to swim in water, however. Since I’ve got to keep them separated right now because she is in her first heat, I’m taking her down to the pond in the village almost every night. There’s a small flock of wild ducks that live at that pond, and I have to watch that she doesn’t try to herd them while she swims. She thinks that is great fun! She’s eating up all of the individual attention she’s getting. (I, however, can’t wait until I can have both dogs together again. What a pain in the neck this is!) I put up a short little video clip of her at the pond on Flickr, too. Here.

We are working on clearing a path down to the swamp right now. I’d love for the ducks and geese to be able to get out on that open water, not to mention the dogs. Heck, the pigs would enjoy a real wallow as well.

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