One Local Summer Week 6


Duck. Oh how I love you with an unholy passion.

We slaughtered our very own pastured duck a couple of weekends ago. I’ve been having them age in the ice box for almost two weeks, so that they’d be really tender, and it seems to have worked. I was worried that they would be tough with all of the running around they did, but no. Tasty and tender. Just absolutely delightful. Can you tell I love duck?!

Last weekend, we took one of them to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Keene (Cherry Garden) and they prepared Peking Duck in three courses for the four of us. That was just divinely yummy.

This weekend, I roasted one using the oven on the grill, which was great. Then today, I used up the left-over duck meat to make today’s lunch. It came out really well.

I made fresh egg noodles with our own farm fresh eggs, of course. I keep trying different types of pasta to make, but sometimes I just want a basic tasty noodle as a background for a dish like I had today, and the standard Joy of Cooking recipe works like a charm.

I didn’t want to over-power the duck, so I kept the veggies on the mild side. A few onions from the garden, a small bell pepper, some garlic scapes, and some black trumpet mushrooms. On the not-at-all-local front, I added a can of coconut milk, some red curry paste and some ginger.

Yum yum and yum. I will definitely do this again.


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