Overriding Concerns

We’ll return shortly t our regularly scheduled farm journal. But first I want to comment on two important events this week.

First, the Wall St. bailout. Yes it was a bailout. It was rammed through with high pressure and panic, just like the Patriot Act and the Iraq war. I’m sure he just made the hat trick. Bush is going out with the third and biggest disaster for the country of his term.

And then today I saw Sara Palin in action. She’s really good at what she does. Unfortunately what she does is act just like a catty high school cheerleader. I haven’t seen it done better since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This however is not a skill I see as helping the performance of a vice president, let alone president of the United States. Nor would I wish to be in any way associated with any person or organization that feels otherwise..

I’ve got to give it to Dubyah and Sara. They’ve convinced me to vote for the party of Richard Daly and Michael Dukakis. That’s a real accomplishment.

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