I hate pigs

Produce We spent the day hauling loads and loads and loads of stuff from the food pantry, supposedly destined for the pigs but in far too good shape to give them. Seriously — perfect white asparagus? I’ve got pounds of them now. Peppers, onions, summer squash, green beans. I’ve got the pressure canner going and am investigating how much we can just freeze. It seems criminal to feed perfectly good stuff flown in from Chile to my damn pigs. Trust me, they so don’t deserve it. What the hell can I do with a case of yellow squash? Shred it and freeze, I think.

Then we chased said pigs all through the woods for a while, and reinforced their pen for the twentieth time. I hate pigs. Someone please remind me why I thought they were a good idea.

Also, my cow is a wuss. She hides in a corner when the pigs get into her paddock. Someone needs to show her how to use her horns. Or sit on them. She keeps sitting on my lamb, damn it.

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