Bye, Polly!

Bye, Polly! We delivered Polly today. She was just a dream. It was wet and foggy and icy as hell, but Frank put her halter on and we walked her to the trailer, where she just went in without a problem. The last thing I’d used that trailer for was to capture pigs and keep them in jail for three days. Yeah. Uck! But still, there Polly was and we drove her off to Rockingham Park raceways where we dropped her off. She went into a completely strange new trailer with only the slightest pause. What a good girl. To be honest, I’m glad to have known her and glad to have her on her way. I’m too busy to deal with a needy filly.

1 thought on “Bye, Polly!”

  1. Farewell, Polly – you are a beautiful girl, and I hope your new home has the time and resources to make you really spectacular. I have always had a thing for black horses (chestnuts, too).

    Nice job, Lisa, in both the bringing into your world and the letting go. I know from painful experience that it is way too easy to end up with too many horses.


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