My Crazy Cow

What's the deal? The AI tech visited on November 16th and I haven’t seen any mucus, bleed off or strange behavior ever since. Except today. She is acting like a lunatic. She is chasing the sheep all over the field, scattering her hay bale, running, leaping. It’s kind of funny to watch, but then I notice that the sheep are petrified.

We got about a foot of snow overnight and it is really cold out there, but nothing else has changed. Could this be her in heat? Every time I go out to take a short video, I stop because I can’t stand the way she is worrying the lambs. So I go out and make her cut it out right now. She runs up to me and bellows her fool head off. Her water is fine. Her hay was fine, until she spread it all over the place.

I asked the good people over at Keeping a Family Cow, the best cow community around. Hopefully someone will have an idea of what’s up.

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