My Polly girl

Here comes Polly! We woke up this morning to thundering hooves, but in the wrong direction. Right now, the horses are in the field directly behind our bedroom, so I often wake up to their morning romp. They’ve got plenty of space to really let go, and they love it. But Aaron had mistakenly left their gate unlatched yesterday and Ms. Polly couldn’t resist testing it, evidently, and was running up and down the driveway. So much fun, so much energy, such a goofball. Bjarki runs along behind her, encouraging her madness.

She really is a good girl. After we got all the morning chores done, we pulled out her halter and she stood nicely for Frank to put it on. I’m so glad all that halter training I’ve done with her still works. (It works for Prince and Pearl too, though they rarely get out. But if they do, we just jingle their halter and they let us put them on.) It was a nice fat 0°F out there at the time. Brrr! Frank was dressed in silk long johns, flannel-lined jeans, three shirts including a heavy flannel, plus winter coat, boots, hat and gloves. It feels crazy early for it to be this cold, but layers really do work.

We sold Polly and were supposed to deliver her last weekend, but the snow storm interrupted those plans. Our next date is for next Saturday. I’m really going to miss her, but she’ll have a happy life with lots of attention, learn to be ridden as well as driven.

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