Seed Order

From Jung Seeds

1 Toma Verde Tomatillos $1.95
1 01049N 1/2 Pound  Jung’S Tricolor Bush Bean Blend   $5.45
1 01266A Packet Be Sweet 2020 Edible Soybean     $2.10
1 01430A Packet Packman Hybrid Broccoli     $2.95
1 01576A Packet Savoy Express Hybrid Cabbage     $2.25
1 01675a Packet Nantes Or Coreless Carrot    $1.55
1 01755A Packet Golden Self-Blanching Celery     $1.75
1 01831N 1/2 Pound 270a Xtra Tender Sweet Corn $15.95
1 02210A Packet Bush Crop Cucumber     $1.85
1 02220A Packet Bush Pickle Cucumber     $1.85
1 02504a packet Lincoln Leek     $2.25
1 02564a Packet Jungs Kaleidoscope Mix  $1.75
1 02635A Packet Fastbreak Hybrid Muskmelon  $3.45
1 02712a Packet Cajun Delight Hybrid Okra     $2.25
1 02728j 1/4 Ounce Copra Hybrid Onion Seed     $7.95
1 02847A Packet Hollow Crown Parsnip     $1.55
1 02893A Packet Super Sugar Snap Pea     $1.85
1 03028A Packet Early Jalapeno Pepper     $1.75
1 03265a Packet Early Sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkin     $1.65
1 03310A Packet Champion Radish     $1.45
1 03424A Packet Hybrid Shallot Seed Mix     $2.25
1 03425L Ounce Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach $2.95
1 03510A Packet Black Beauty Zucchini Squash     $1.75
1 03515A Packet  Butterstick Hybrid Squash $2.65
1 04140a Packet  Yellow Doll Hybrid Watermelon $3.45
1 04512A Pkg. (3 bulbs)  California White Garlic $4.45

From Johny’s Selected Seeds

Sweet Chocolate (OG) Item No.:579G Qty:1 Price:$3.75 Total:$3.75
Islander (F1) Item No.:591 Qty:1 Price:$4.95 Total:$4.95
Gourmet (F1) Item No.:2648 Qty:1 Price:$4.00 Total:$4.00
Sunray (F1) Item No.:2768 Qty:1 Price:$3.95 Total:$3.95
X3R Red Knight (F1) Item No.:2309 Qty:1 Price:$4.15 Total:$4.15

We also bought a package of Anaheim chile seeds from Hatch Chilis down in New Mexico. According to my El Pasan wife, Hatch grows the best chilis in the known universe.

Last year we bought our pepper seed from Territorial Seeds. Unfortunately they sprouted nicely and then started to die. They continued to die throughout the season (we started with hundreds). We ended up with half a dozen each bell and jalapeno peppers. The cutworms got their share, but mostly they just died. Territorial has nice selection at good prices. It was hard to replace them, but we figured it was worth the try.

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