To-Do List

If only writing it down got it done, but I need to start writing it down so I don’t forget to get it done.

  1. Plant window boxes. It’s taking so much potting soil to fill these from scratch. So expensive. Frank googled around on buying it wholesale, found sites pointing out that if you have a cement mixer, which we do, we should mix our own. Makes sense.
  2. Make potting soil for 70 window boxes
  3. Finish starting rest of veggie seeds
  4. Transplant started seedlings into 6 packs
  5. Start to migrate plants out to greenhouse
  6. Finish cleaning up greenhouse so there is room for plants
  7. Hook up hoses for watering in the front and greenhouse
  8. Move shed into orchard paddock
  9. Build stone wall for that part of closing in veggie garden
  10. Put pallet on hinges to use as gate next to new stone wall
  11. Finish fencing last side of veggie garden
  12. Finish fencing last side of orchard paddock
  13. Repair downed fence at end of orchard paddock
  14. Get geese and ducks out of front yard before they eat everything and into newly fenced orchard paddock (which will let me go to bed earlier, because they can spend all night awake for all I care as long as they are behind a fence)
  15. Make an opening in the orchard paddock onto the swamp so the ducks and geese can have access to water
  16. Put raised bed along new fence line for peas. Plant peas. Put up trellis for peas.
  17. Weed the asparagus bed
  18. Wash off deck when hose is out there and ducks and geese are out of front yard. Vow never to let water fowl foul your front porch ever again.
  19. Figure out how and where I am putting soon to hatch poults. Consider inside the hoop house green house
  20. Get some sort of door on hoop house green house. Something secure so that I don’t kill the sheep this year when they get into the green house and eat all my plants like they did last year.
  21. Call about Ella Mae. They never answer the phone, probably outside all the time like I am, but we must go pick up the cow. Maybe get Frank to help hook up the trailer and just go get her.
  22. Get a catch pen set up for the sheep. The shearer is coming on Tuesday when I will be here alone, so we must get them caught on Monday night while Frank is here.
  23. Pick up CDT vaccination drugs for sheep, and figure out what wormer we are going to use so that we I can to injections after they are shorn. I’ve never had to do them alone before. Hell, I’ve never actually done the shooting up. That’s always been Frank and Valerie. Damn it.
  24. Print up labels for Minnie’s Magic. First distribution is tomorrow at Alyson’s Orchard in Westmoreland.
  25. Move Minnie’s Magic from office to back of truck. Put spout into 55 gallon barrel. Print out instructions or whatever the heck I’m going to give people about compost tea.
  26. Don’t forget to bring eggs, too. Surely people will want farm fresh eggs too, right?
  27. Bring stickers of Minnie for kids.
  28. Chicken coop really needs cleaned out. Put all of that deep bedding into one of the raised beds.
  29. Duck/goose shed needs cleaned out too, probably before moving it.
  30. Figure out where I am going to plant potatoes. I’d like to do it on the newly captured hilly corner of my new veggie space. What can I use to cover them there? Raw compost? I wonder if I have a half-rotted hay pile somewhere to use.
  31. Make more raised beds. Actually, figure out the layout of the new veggie space so permanent raised beds can get put in properly.
  32. Oh, wait a second. If I’m going to fill the raised beds using the tractor, make sure the big tractor can still get in the new space before closing up that last fence line.
  33. Get new tires for the small tractor and get it up and running. Figure out how much space to leave between the raised beds so that tractor can go down the aisles.
  34. Find the greenhouse fan for the greenhouse we never put together and get it into the hoophouse greenhouse.
  35. Patch the hoophouse greenhouse. I wonder where that patching roll of stuff we got is?
  36. Make sign for Marlow Grocery about eggs to put on their front door at Bonnie’s suggestion. People won’t buy farm fresh eggs if they don’t know they have them.
  37. Figure out packaging for duck eggs. What label to use, too.
  38. Get chipper on back of tractor so I can make new bedding material for ducks/geese/chicken.
  39. Get part to fix the three-point-hitch on tractor so the chipper can get attached.
  40. Make new paddock for sheep to put them after they are sheared and to get them off of the paddock they’ve spent the winter before the parasites take off when it starts to green up.
  41. Expand pig paddock with high tensile permanent fencing, at least along three edges and use electronet on fourth edge.
  42. Get a temporary paddock to put piglets as a catch pen for when people come up to pick up their piglets.
  43. Get piglet litters registered.
  44. Rake up hay pack in center bed before the tulips and daffs start to bloom.
  45. Move trailer over next to hoophouse and out of driveway.
  46. Use white tape to make a new paddock for the horses and get them away from sheep.
  47. Figure out where to put Ella Mae.

Lunch break over!

2 thoughts on “To-Do List”

  1. I was gonna leave you a note the other day but just READING your “To Do” list made me tired so I had to go take a nap.

  2. Would 16 & 17 help with 18? (plant the potatoes in the mulch from the goose & chicken sheds in that garden corner)?

    Good luck & good weather!


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