What’s blooming, Zone 4 Edition

DaffsEveryone one is doing it, and I have so much blooming that I can’t help but pretend that all I care about are the flowers in my garden. We spent so much time and money planting bulbs during the Fall for many years, and it is paying off nicely right now.

Ruffled  daffs The daffs are going crazy. I’m so glad I cleaned up those center island beds. I knew the bulbs were about ready and I busted my ass to get those presentable. Who wants to take pretty gardenporn pictures when all you see is a mess, you know? Plus, when people come visit the farm, this is the first place they see, and at least now it’s pretty.

Species tulip bed Actually, the bed with the species tulips in it is about at peak, and they are naturalizing so nicely. I’m not sure if I like it better in the early morning or evening with they are all closed tight, or mid-day when they are open wide. Either way, the colors are just vivid and gorgeous. What a good choice we made when picking those out!

Trillium are blooming In past years, I’ve hosted a trillium rescue effort over on Gardenweb, because areas that we are converting from woods to pasture were an amazing bed of trillium. I’m seeing a bunch of them right now that are in desperate need of rescue, but I forgot to mention it over there and it’s pretty late. Too bad! I think I might try to find someplace shady to stick some of them myself, if only I had someplace that I knew was going to stay shady!

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