Update 6/15/2009

Enough rain to seriously cut into outdoor time this weekend. It’s raining again as I write this.

The sheep have been very bad. They would not stay in the open ended paddock we made last week. (No real surprise there, but we had to try.) Lisa got them back into the future orchard paddock and we’ve been feeding them hay. (Grrr.) Minx has gotten into Lisa’s garden several times. She is in grave danger of becoming sausage. We think we’ve blocked everything she’s used.

We ran four strands of high tensile from the logging road to the swamp. It’s got 7kv on it and Lisa just (8pm) let the sheep out. Unfortunately there is one low spot they can probably get through. Even if they do, we can put the horses out. We’ll probably still have to supplement with hay, but they can get a lot of nutrtion from browse, and start clearing it out. We have enough high tensile on hand to make a second paddock.

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