A Beautiful Fourth

It was. Partly cloudy with perfect temps. Intermittent threats of a thundershower, but no actual rain.

Me & Leon The sheep and horses have eaten at least a third of the bale we gave them, although they did not finish their maple leaves today. Lisa cuddled a few sheep while I cut more trees today, and they’re all in very poor condition. We’re a little puzzled: The might have been a _little_ short for the last three weeks after we ran out of round bales, but that was after having free feed all winter. They let big parts of the orchard paddock go to seed while they were there. Admittedly poor pasture and nowhere near enough, but if they were hungry it should have been cleaned up.

Ducky pondWe now have the ducklings in the laneway. The only downside is that the poults, fully half their size, like to chase them. We bought them a wading pool when we picked up slop today. It took them a while to notice it, but when they did, “like a duck to water.”

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