New pig paddock

Step One New pig paddock It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, this was full of trees. It’s just behind the landing where they pulled all the logs out. The horses were here for about 2 months in the Spring, so there’s been lots of hay fed out here and plenty of manure.

The pigs job is to root up all the stumps and tree roots. They love that. They’ll eat up grubs and whatever else they find, too. They love to literally suck the sap out of tree roots. Mmm.

They’ll turn in the manure in the process and all of the rotting wood bits from the horses pounding away.

There are many natural wallows out here, which they’ll love. There are brush piles where they will hollow out bits for shade.

We ran three strands of hot wire along three sides of the paddock, in front of the stonewall, which could be as old as 250 years old. We’ll stack all the rocks they root up on those walls.

An electronet will close up the front bit. We are hoping to use just a corridor of electronet to move them from where they are now.

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