One Down, Many to Go

Bare Minx got into the garden last week, mowing the carrot tops and doing a serious number on the onions and leeks. Since I’m still recovering from a fairly nasty cold I finished the harvest rather than play with chainsaws or the sawmill. I also planted the garlic we picked up at Agway the other week. Aside from mulching the parsnips after the ground freezes, we’re done with the garden for the year.

Unfortunately, this time Minx had eaten onion bulbs as well as the tops. Still, I figure that on top of what we’ve eaten already, I brought in about 10 pounds of keeping onions, a couple more pounds that won’t keep and about 5 lbs of scallions (still green, didn’t bulb, what else to call them?)

There’s probably 25 pounds of leeks, after Minx kindly trimmed off the leaves, and 25 pounds of carrots. The leeks and carrots are in green bags in the downstairs refrigerator and the onions are hardening in the gazebo. The downstairs fridge is the old one I had when Lisa moved in. It’s normally unplugged, but we keep it around for times like this.

Pretty hens It also has six dozen eggs that we’re stockpiling for when we can no longer coax the hens to lay. Selling ours now and buying eggs in January just seems dumb. We’ll spend as much for the cage free organic ones as we charge for ours, and they don’t taste nearly as good.

Lisa broadcast the winter rye we bought onto bare spots in the orchard paddock. We had meant it for the pig’s garden, but Minx is grazing over there now, so that would have been useless.

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