An Official Barn Fund

Heavy Snow We really, really need a barn, and Prince and Pearl would be the first ones to tell you that! So I am starting a barn fund, all official and everything. I will come up with interesting things to sell, and dedicate anything I bring in from those items specifically for the barn.

First up is this lovely photo as an 8 x 10 print. I have the fancy printer and paper already, from my gardenporn days.

If you aren’t yet a fan of our page on Facebook, I’m giving fan number 150 a free print. Spread the word!

One of Frank’s jobs this week is to help me set up a page here where we can tally the pennies as they come in. I’d love it to have a pretty graph. Maybe he can find a plug-in that will do the trick.

A neighbor here told us his lovely barn was put up for $11K. Since we have our own sawmill, I’m sure hoping we can bring it in for a lot less than that.

A lovely man already drew us plans and helped us figure out where to site it. We even have a cut list for the wood.

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