Farmers’ hours

Dark and early Tuesday morning, Frank usually heads off to Cambridge. Unfortunately, this week we found out the Audi won’t pass inspection so while we wait to hear the damages, he needed a ride down to the train station in Fitchburg. That’s an hour and a half away, and I needed to be back in time to milk Elly at 8. So wowsa. Three hours of driving before morning chores is really a bit much.

We had a fiasco of an evening yesterday, when the tractor wouldn’t lift a bale and move it through the snow, knocked over a fence and the sheep all came rushing out. It took me forever to get them back in, brats. Then Maggie started chasing Leon, who kept challenging her, and the snow in the back had clumps of his black wool all over. It was really hard to have an open gate, half the sheep out, a misbehaving dog … oy. By the time we got it all sorted, I really really needed a damn drink. A strong one.

From my kitchen window Anyway, today the critters have all been very good. They seem to like the new balage. We hear it’s cheaper than the dry hay and that they’ll waste less, and it might help with Elly’s cream line. The weather was dank and dreary, but peaceful. I really like to look out my kitchen window and see them all there. Now that we moved the pigs and I can see them in the distance too, I have to keep reminding myself it’s okay, the pigs aren’t “out”, they are just exploring sanctioned territory. I get a kick out of watching the hooligans run around in circles while I wash dishes.

Goodnight, Danny Danny even just put himself to bed this evening. What a good boy he’s been lately. Sometimes he has quite the parade behind him, with all three dogs and Ella Mae as well. For some reason, Disa has decided when I tell her to put Danny to bed that it means Elly must go as well. (Why Elly listens to her I’ll never know!) But when Danny saw me come out tonight, he just headed over to the shed all by his lonesome. Yay. I may have to stop calling it calf rodeo now.

All I have left to do is close up the chickens, which I forgot to do earlier, and then I think I’m headed to bed. Yeah, it’s barely after 6, but I can’t keep my eyes open. I have really embraced this whole “farmers’ hours” thing. Tuesdays are just too long!

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