There Are No Wolves in New England

Off to scare off coyotes There are no wolves in New England. Neither are there catamounts/panthers in New England.

Farmers, loggers, forest fire wardens, even game wardens have seen really big coyotes and really big bobcats. But they are coyotes and bobcats.

You see, if there were wolves or catamounts in the area, they would be endangered species. That would stick the state Fish and Game departments with unfunded federal mandates to create management plans to bring these species back. And then they would have to implement these plans, which would cost even more money and inconvenience the farmers and loggers.

So here’s a tip to Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. If you would like there to be wolves in New England, get the feds to cover the costs of there being wolves in New England. Did you know that they would be red wolves that migrated north, not gray wolves that came south? Honest, I only have coyotes trying to eat my sheep.

Maggie and lamb Which is why we have Maggie, of course.

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