Bloody Buddy

When I was making breakfast this morning, I heard the Icies barking on the back deck and looked out the kitchen window to see Buddy with Minx’s head in his mouth. I screamed out the window for Frank to go help (he was getting ready to feed the pigs), jumped into my boots, and ran outside.

Frank had Buddy by the collar and Minx had run off. But then we saw that Fiona was down and Doppadottir was also bloody around the head. What the heck? Buddy has not shown any aggression at all toward the sheep prior to this.

We tethered him in the front yard and called the vet. The whole front of his white fur was red, covered in blood. I can still barely manage to look at him.

Fiona was still alive, but barely. We got Doppadottir in the shed with her lamb and knew it was going to take three of us to corner Minx.

When the vet got here (Steve Major from Chesterfield, as Chuck Shaw who we usually use wasn’t on call this weekend), he put Fiona down immediately. No way she was going to recover, and her lambs weren’t going to be viable if we did a C-Section. Poor thing. She was one of our first sheep and we have so many of her daughters. She was never a fence breaker so quite endearing to me. I’m so sorry she had such an awful end.

Doppadottir had the exact same kind of injury. Ears nearly torn off, deep wounds around the neck. The vet said this dog has a preferred method for taking down sheep and should never be trusted on a farm. Minx (when we finally caught her) had the same type of injury. They are both sewn up and in a shed where we can give them drugs and hopefully nurse them back to good health.

I contacted the rescue organization and told them Buddy needs to be elsewhere. Not on my farm. We had been told he was safe around livestock and we had certainly never seen any aggressiveness toward the critters from him prior to these awful attacks.

Fiona My poor sheep. I’m so sorry. I got the LGDs to protect you, not harm you. Fiona, sweetie, you were always slightly stand-offish, unless you had a problem. You thought fences were there to keep the bad guys out, and never ever went through or under them yourself, quite unlike Kaytla and her crew. You had so many daughters that I still have that I will be able to remember you for a long, long time. You were so elegant, so pretty. I’m so sorry your life ended in such a horrible fashion. You did not deserve this, sweet girl.

First lamb Minx Doppadottir, hopefully having your lamb with you will give you the strength and will to live. Your injuries are bad. Your ears are both nearly off and the wounds quite deep. We’ll help you fight. You want to live, if only for your adorable son.

Minx, sweetie, no matter what I’ve said about you lately, this wasn’t your fault. Please don’t die. Please have your babies safely and live a long time to drive me nuts with your fence breaking. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE. Period. You and I have been through many an antic requiring vet trips during your life. Scurs ripped off, grain overload. But this, this is awful and not your fault, but mine.

My Boiling Buddy I had been so hopeful that Buddy would work out. We love Maggie so much and had room for another. Other farmers are telling me that they would have gotten a gun and put him down too. Maybe I’m a wimp. I don’t know where he belongs, but it ain’t here. Just last night I had seen him play for the first time and uploaded a video and everything. He had actually walked by Bjarki without growling for the first time, too. We had hope we could get him integrated in to our happy life. Having him around was stressful because of the wanting to kill Bjarki thing, but it was getting better, damn it.

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, and I’m so sad for my sheep that they had to bear the brunt of figuring that out. I’m so sorry, sheepies.

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  1. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry!!! Farmer’s need giant hearts to handle this sort of thing and I know you have the heart for all your animals and to care for them through these hard times. I am so sorry such an awful thing has happened and I will pray for your sheep and hope they pull through. I am so truly sorry Lisa and Frank.

  2. Dear Lisa and Frank.
    This was an awful thing to happen, I am sorry for you and for your sheep. What if it had been Bjarki, or your dear little puppies, or…even a visiting child. Big Buddy unpredictable and sadly should be put down. A very sad thing for such dedicated and animal loving farmers as you are.

  3. stop blaming yourself for this tragedy. you went on the good faith of what was told to you by the rescue orgination. i wonder if something just made him snap, if he had been good up until today.

  4. i am so sorry to read this……i sometimes hesitate to come over & read….(( the freezer camp stuff & all )) ….but when i read your entry on FB ….i clicked & read of all the sadness. What the hell!?…i wonder if Buddy figured out a way to piss off Bjarki was to go after what he cared for……i am happy tho ….that you showed restraint in not taking a gun to him……he needs a nice farm…no kids…no animals that he can take down…like a horse farm….or cows….i am sending positive thoughts for your sheepies….& will lite an incense along with ms Bella’s after we bury her today.

  5. I’m so sorry Lisa. And after all the trouble you’ve had with predators… Makes you want to get inside his head and say “WHY?!” But who knows where he’s been, what he’s seen. Maybe he was too hungry for too long in his past and had to fend for himself…pretty much a death sentence for him since it’s unlikely he will be “untaught” to hunt (although I had a vet friend who was able to do it with her Akita rescue)… very sad.
    We heard coydogs again last night when we moved the rams “up top”. So far, they haven’t taken any of my animals. I’m dreading the day I find dead and bleeding sheep…

  6. Dear Frank and Lisa,

    I can only imagine what you are feeling about all of this and there is no place for blame. I hope the remaining 2 recover soon – my thoughts go out to you both

  7. Lisa and Frank: I am so sorry to hear about your tragedies, you have the sweetest sheepies in the world. Sending energies for healing your way for Minx and Doppadottir, and for your sadness. Hugs, Jo

  8. That is very sad – also a reminder that same surprises apply to people. There is no telling what terrible circumstances created Buddy’s behavior.

  9. OMG! What a nightmare. Glad you managed to rescue two of the sheep, even if you sadly did lose one. Fingers crossed they recover OK and the lambs are OK too. Very restrained of you not to take a gun to Buddy; I’m sure most farmers would have done. I don’t like the thought of any animal being euthanised if healthy, but sadly that may now be Buddy’s future. What a bad day indeed; here’s hoping the week gets better and the sheepies recover..

  10. I am so heartbroken for your losses. Those of us with farms understand that loss happens, just not normally at the hands of our own animals. I send you and your animals healing energy and peace. Please know you will be in my daily prayers for as long as needed.

  11. I am so sorry. What a horrifying experience, especially caused by someone you hoped to trust to guard your sheep. Best wishes for Doppadottir’s and Minx’s speedy recoveries, and for your wounded hearts, too.

  12. Lisa – I just read this difficult posting. It’s funny, just yesterday I spoke with someone who works with rescue dogs who asked me about a Great Pyrenees…(we may get a guard dog this year for our sheep)…I don’t think I can take the risk of a rescue animal after reading this story. Just horrible. I am glad you managed to save some of the animals and I hope they are recovering well.


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