Barter piglets for heifer?

I miss my cow. I like having Danny around, but I miss Elly. I miss our time together every morning. I like the hard stop it brought to every single day. I had to be calm and relaxed, or it wasn’t going to go well for anyone.

I miss the geese telling me all about their night, and being groomed. They did that every single time I milked Elly. They had a captive audience!

I miss the raw milk. I miss the butter, the cream, the yogurt, the ice cream, the buttermilk, the cheese.

My kitchen was cleaner, because I had to be really careful with sanitation, or I’d be feeding that batch of whatever to the pigs.

I miss my milk customers. All of the stuff we produce is delicious, eggs, meat, honey, syrup, etc. But the milk was the best of all.

I miss raw milk. I felt so much better when I had a glass or two every single day. I had more energy. My allergies were better. I slept better.

My Icelandic Sheep dry up in July like clockwork. I want a cow I can milk the year around. I don’t want a goat, because my sheep are goatlike enough and I don’t need the headache.

We have no money to afford another American Milking Devon, sadly. We are broker than broke.

I have a bunch of Tamworth piglets on the ground, however. I wonder if I can find someone who wants to barter? Registered, intact Tamworth piglets in exchange for either a cow in milk, or a bred heifer?

I really want a heritage breed, but I really don’t care anymore, because I want a cow.

Danny would love a buddy.

She must be able to exist on pasture and hay, though. NO GRAIN, at all, ever.

I’m going to think about where to post such a request. Suggestions welcome. (Craigslist, NH Small and Beginning Farmer, Monadnock Farmers, ALBC website, Facebook, Twitter, here, The Family Cow, Homesteading Today, Tamworth Talk)

Pass the word!

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