Maggie’s Medal of Merit

The whole farm started freaking out this afternoon, and it took us humans a while to figure out what was up.

The turkeys were all in the sheds and under trees, making their “I’m so scared” chirping noises. (Every time I hear it, it makes me wonder why they don’t just SHUT UP? The bad guys would find them less easily without all that noise, you know?)

The geese were standing at attention, quiet as can be. That’s weird. They were all pointed in the same direction, so we looked that way. (Hey. We humans are a little slow.)

Turkey buzzard Frank found two turkey buzzards in a pine tree, really close.

The dogs were all going crazy, too, though. We know they don’t like big birds. Both the Pyrs and the Icies watch the skies closely. We have young piglets on the ground, and both Maggie and Disa were down there with them, barking like mad.

Bjarki was tethered, also going nuts. As were Buffy and Faith, inside their area.

Then I saw a low flying airplane come by. Everyone went freaking nuts again. That’s a HUGE BIRD!

We were standing on the balcony, sort of watching it all.

Then Buffy and Faith busted out and started chasing chickens. EEP!

Poor Maggie deserves a Medal of Merit. She put herself between them and the poor chickens, while we rounded up the girls.

The good thing is that they both responded to their name. (Really, that’s just now happening, and we’ve been working on it, a lot.)

They also ignored the turkeys. (YAY!)

We got them back pretty quickly.

I think it was good for them to learn from Maggie as well as us that chasing chickens IS NOT ALLOWED.

When I tried to tell her she was a good girl, she took off down the road, because one of those damn buzzards landed.

Maggie is such a treasure. We are so happy to have her.

Gorgeous girl

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