Icelandic Lamb

Whole Foods announced that Icelandic lamb is the best in the world, and they are importing huge amounts from Iceland and undoubtably selling it for lots of money.

Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North American is a great place to find a farmer near you who raises Icelandic sheep.

Hi, George The article didn’t use a picture of Icelandic sheep, but instead a stock photo of cute lambs. Real Icelandic sheep are much cuter, really, so I posted a shot of George, mostly because I think he’s gorgeous. What I didn’t say was that I took that picture when I found him in the front yard one morning. He’s rarely where I want him to be, but also sweet as can be. His babies are just like him. I traded some sheep for some eating lamb this year, and got one of his clones back because she just couldn’t keep him behind a fence. Oops!

Good thing they are so cute, friendly and YUMMY! I understand from my Icelandic friends that Icelandic lamb raised in actual Iceland is way better than here. Wow! Because it’s really yummy here. But terroir is something that I totally believe in.

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