Let it snow

Dora Not that we have any choice, of course, but fine, bring on the snow. The woodstoves are roaring. The house is over 60°F and it feels positively balmy in here. We came home with lots of sheepie treats today, like broccoli and egg plants. They are devouring it but still ask for more. Isn’t Dora a little doll? She is so sweet.

Our theory with the food we are bringing in now is to feed the perishable stuff right away, and only store the things that can freeze, like the bread and the dairy. We are bringing in the potatoes, since they have to be cooked, and semi heating the house that way, too.

Eat your veggies, piggies We bring in enough milk for the next day, and it (mostly) thaws overnight. I keep telling the piglets to eat their veggies, but they mostly suck up the chocolate milk. It’s hard to believe that we have overfed piggies, but we do. We’re supporting a flock of about 20 crows that are driving the dogs nuts.

It’s howling wind, blowing snow, we’re exhausted and calling it a day at 3:30.

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