Great Goose

The gooses By special request,we processed some geese this morning for a few customers. We only wanted to do a few, so that worked out well. We still want to grow our breeding flock, so are going to keep most of this year’s goslings.

With just a few, we did it by hand and scalded (poorly) in my pressure canner pot. What a mess. I hate plucking, but we got it all done by 1. Not bad.

They were really easy to catch this year, and it was all very quick and calm. The red blood on the snow was vivid, though.

They averaged right on 9 pounds this year. Last year it was 7.

There was a lot more fat on their back ends this year. I’m going to render a bunch tomorrow, I hope. Goose fat is food of the gods.

I really like to keep breeding flocks. I really like my geese and I really like to eat goose. I love to be able to do both things.

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