Puppy torture time

Puppy puzzle The puppies are all gaining weight well, though the two black and white ones are gaining the slowest. Several of them are now just over a pound. Today is their third day of life, and we started Early Neurological Stimulation, something that we did with the last litter and we really liked the results. Disa’s breeder did it with her too, and we find her so very smart. Super Puppies on the way! We call it puppy torture though, because though it only lasts about a minute per puppy, Disa and Bjarki do not approve of it at all. Once we are done with each puppy, we put it back on the milk bar, and when we are all done, Disa and Bjarki get treats and we get a glass of wine. Last time, by about the third or fourth day, Disa and Bjarki knew the drill and stopped fretting so much, so I’m looking forward to that. Today was stressful.

Eating! Maggie is making some progress. She ate some of her breakfast voluntarily for the first time this morning. Eggs, bacon, cheese, liverwurst — hard to resist that! I hand fed her some when she stopped, but this evening, I had to hand feed her all of it. (Disa is happy to finish whatever Maggie doesn’t want. She is eating about four times what Maggie is right now. Ravenous!) Maggie still isn’t drinking anything at all, so we are still doing subcutaneous fluids. I tell myself that as long as she is better today than she was yesterday, we are going in the right direction.

Poor Maggie girl It’s hard to see her in this kind of shape, though. She’s still losing weight and just looks awful. Poor girl. I gave her several times without the collar today when she was outside, and she walked around a bit, even let Buffy and Faith snuggle with her for a few minutes, which was good to see. But she wanted right back in, which is fine, and slept most of the day. She and I both slept the night through last night, and I feel like a new woman today.

Tiny Timmy We got our first delivery of wrapped bales today and the sheep would like the world to know that they’d much prefer green grass, please and thank you. When we were talking to our hay guy, he told us how they had to hunt three steer who were wandering around the woods around their farm like deer this summer, and it made me feel better about our wandering cows. It’s not just us! At least we got ours back home without needing a gun!

It was just gorgeous outside today. I heard that it might reach the mid-60s later this week. Sounds great to me! We are nowhere near ready for winter. Are we ever?

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  1. Eggs, bacon, cheese and liverwurst – dang! I’m coming up to your place for breakfast. Seriously though, it’s good to hear she has started to eat on her own again. I’ll bet the water won’t be far behind.


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