Draining Day

Maggie finally got to have the drains taken out of her wounds today. She was so scared on the way to the vet, shaking the whole time. She was petrified to go into the vet, had lost almost 7 pounds since Monday. Damn it. But they didn’t need to sedate her to get the drains out, which is a big deal. She’s still on super duper antibiotics for another week or so. I’m to use warm compresses on the wounds as many times a day as I can so they don’t scab over, and let the wounds heal from the inside out. She seems to like that, so far at least.

On the way home Since she still isn’t drinking, they suggested I let her out of the collar for a few minutes every day to see if that will help. I tried it on the way home which was a huge success. She was so happy! As soon as we got home, though, she started obsessively licking at the wounds, so it had to go back on. No matter what I try to get her to drink, she just won’t. It’s so frustrating! We are still doing sub-q fluids until she starts. She also wouldn’t eat for Frank all day today, so I came home with liverwurst, mixed it with eggs, and succeeded. Heal, baby, heal.

Happy Family Disa and the puppies are all doing well. We weighed them all tonight and they are all gaining well, no real runt in this litter so far. Both she and I are sort of amazed at how much noisier and more expressive this litter is than the last one. They whine, they grunt, they squeal. When they nurse, they make happy happy snorting noises. They keep making these sort of loud squeals and she’ll tilt her head at them, puzzled, and then look at me. Don’t ask me, honey! It’s really too cute. Watching them is sort of like watching fish. If only I had time to do it all day!

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