Baby belly

Life is good Disa is amazingly cuddly lately. I mean, she is always cuddly with me, but these days, she wants everyone to pet her belly. I know that belly really, really well, and I’m pretty convinced there’s a bunch of babies in there right now. I wonder how many? The last time she and Bjarki had babies, there were seven, which is a lot of pups, but she handled it pretty well.

She’s ravenous, another sign that she’s pregnant. She’s a pretty picky eater normally, but these days, when she wants something, she lets me know. I’ve had her bark at the icebox a couple of times. Alrighty then, missy, what can I find for you? Eggs and cheese are her current favorites. I remember dreaming of milk when I was pregnant, so I would wake up and drink milk. I’m going to indulge her cravings too. She’s making babies, man! Give the dog cheese if she wants cheese.

The first tie was on November 20th, I think, so we are almost half way through the pregnancy. I haven’t actually felt any babes move yet and can’t wait until I do. With the amount of time she’s spending belly up on my lap, it won’t be long!

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