Self-cleaning coats

Yes, I am digging to China. One of the best features of Icelandic Sheepdogs (of which there are many) is their self-cleaning coat. I had no idea what that was when we first got Bjarki. No matter how filthy dirty they get, give them about thirty minutes and they will look like they just came out of a bath. But you didn’t have to give them a bath, it just happened by magic.

It reminds me of those non-stick pans with the coating. Nothing sticks to it. I’ve even had Bjarki get pine tar all over himself which I was sure would have to be cut off. It took him two days to be rid of it all, but it all came off.

Wet Monsters What it doesn’t mean, though, is that the dirt also magically disappears from the universe. It has to go somewhere, right? It will show up in cool outlines wherever they were, wherever they dried off. So I end up vacuuming and sweeping a lot to keep up with it. I still think I’m ahead, though, because giving baths to dogs is worse than sweeping the floor, to me.

My happy pups

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