Between the storms

Spent much of the day getting pathways shoveled out and learning about the lay of the land when covered in snow. The door on the chicken coop doesn’t open up very well even if you shovel all around it, so that’s a pain. It is now hard to get it opened up enough to bring food and water in, so that’s going to need a fix really soon now.

Buffy and Faith have outsmarted our fencing solution for them which is a bummer, so they both have to be tethered again. Sucks for them, sucks for us, and the constant barking is driving me nuts. When they can’t see each other, they bark, but I can’t tether them near each other because they’ll get tangled. I’m not quite sure how to solve that one yet.

It’s been really great having Jeremy and Roki here. Roki has grown into such a gorgeous boy. Jeremy’s done such an awesome job raising him. He’s cuddly and sweet as can be. We’ve offered them a puppy from our upcoming litter if they want one. These will be full siblings to Roki and I wonder if they can resist once the puppy photos start showing up. Jeremy wasn’t sure there could possibly be a pup more cuddly than Roki, but Gaela proved him wrong. Anytime he sat still long enough, he was covered in cuddly pups. We’re going to miss them!

Bedtime with pups

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