Surrounded by turkeys

One of my goals before the spring is to get the turkeys to sleep someplace overnight so that I can collect their eggs in the morning. They like to sleep on the deck. Up in trees. They really really really like to be out in the open.

But they start laying very early in the spring, way before it is warm enough for any of the eggs laid out in the snow to be viable. The Pyrs walk around and find the eggs to have as breakfast. And generally, it’s just not working out in the spring so there has to be a change.

Getting them into this stall that I have set up for them isn’t going so well. They are very suspicious. We don’t like inside. So I’m trying to feed them in there. They’ll follow me right up to the door and then nothing doing. No thanks, we’ll hunt for our food instead.

I’m being very mean, though. The only grain they are getting from me is inside the stall. We’ll see who wins this battle!

If I can’t do it by myself by the weekend, I’ll try to get Frank to help, and let the dogs help too. But I really want it to be nice and relaxed, not forced. Then every evening, we’ll do it again until it feels like normal to them. What can possibly be wrong with this plan? That way, I’ll get to collect their eggs when it’s too cold for them to incubate them and put them in the cabinet incubator, and just let them set later in the year when it’s warmer.

I have months to make it work. Don’t place bets.

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