This new house we are leasing has magic heat. You know the kind. You press a button and heat happens. It’s magic. Frank is pretty sure that it’s fattening, a sin, and possibly a crime and is determined to fix the chimney so that we can get a woodstove going, but in the meantime, I am warm and it is glorious. As we have to pay for the oil, I’m sure I will change my mind, but wow. Warmth! I heartily approve.

Speaking of energy, Gaela has lots and lots and lots. She literally runs circles around all the dogs morning, noon and night. Run, run, run, and then run some more. And then she’ll spend the rest of the day snuggled up to Tara or her mama or me or as many of us as she can do at the same time, yay, content as can be. Having that on and off switch is nice.

I’m struggling with energy output myself. I had another long day of feeling like I worked all day and didn’t get much done. But I got the turkeys out of the chicken coop. I got the chicken coop patched so they don’t get out. I may have a solution for immediate fencing for the Pyrs that won’t solve all our problems but will help. Steps forward. Go, team.

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