To-do lists

I have so much that needs to be done NOW. We cram as much as we can into the weekends when Frank is home and that’s just not enough time right now. We make do, of course, because what is the alternative? Still, working 12 hours on both weekend days is hardly a break.

I shall make a list of what’s yet to be done so that I will stop spinning it all around in my brain and maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

I need to get a hot wire on top of the new sheep paddock so that I can put the Pyrs in there when necessary. That paddock also needs to have the hay feeders installed in that barn stall and a water bucket found and deployed.

All of the electronet has been pulled up and is in a huge tangled heap that needs to get sorted and put up in the loft for the winter. Or on hooks on a wall or something. Not a tangled mess.

Two dog trolleys need to be installed — figure out where and get them up so that separating dogs when necessary is easier.

Get the turkeys that are in with the chickens out and back with the other turkeys.

Chicken coop needs a water heater for the winter and needs the bushel baskets for nestboxes installed.

Chicken coop needs metal roofing installed — roof has holes in it

Turkey stall needs more roosts, a water heater and more bedding

Figure out how to feed the three geese in with the sheep — just until Christmas when they have a date with a dinner table

Where are the ducks and geese going to winter? With the turkeys? Under the deck again?

Figure out where to put deep water trough and platform for geese and ducks to get into it. Needs electricity for water heater to work.

Get last batch of chickens moved into coop. Catching them first would make that easier to do.

Hay — get more hay and get it up in the loft

Figure out winter watering plan. Hose from where? Is there a faucet in the basement that can be used?

Okay, brain — time to turn off and solve all these while you sleep!

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