Not quite a tank of piranhas

Note to self: just because you don’t get to put a check mark on everything on your to-do list, doesn’t mean the day was a failure. Right. So often something sounds so minor, and it almost needs a to-do list of it’s own. Oh well. Moving on!

Crested cutie I caught a dozen of the last chickens that need to be moved. Poor things were paranoid. Change is scary. But they have a new coop to be bonded to and there shall be NO MORE SLEEPING IN TREES DAMN IT. I just have three left to catch, two of my favorites, of course. One is all black and we call her the road runner because she is so wild that usually you just see a streak of black flash past. My gorgeous crested black and white beauty has taken to hanging out with her, so she too remains uncaught. I left a rooster with them and am hoping for the best. Soon they too will be inside and safe. We have so many chickens!

My left hand looks pretty spectacular. Between the dog bites from a couple of days ago and all of the catching chickens with roosters with quite impressive fighting spurts, it’s covered in tons of small puncture wounds. Someone asked me today if I’d stuck my hand in a tank of piranhas. Pretty much! I’m quite good at luring chickens where I want them and catching them quietly and with as little fuss as possible, but since I do that by quickly grabbing legs, it’s so easy to get spurred.

I’m trying something new with the sheep tomorrow, alfalfa cubes. I’m soaking them overnight and am interested in how much they will swell. I wonder if the geese that are in that paddock will like them as well. Here’s hoping.

I’ve got to find time to get all of the mats and burrs off of Maggie. Sometime last week all three Pyrs showed up that morning absolutely covered in burrs from head to toe. Faith and Buffy groomed each other well enough that they both look pretty good, but Maggie is a mess and is going to need to have lots of stuff cut off, poor girl.

I’m keeping her and Faith well apart for now. As long as they each maintain separate areas on different sides of the house, all was well until something upset that balance. But right now, they see each other and start growling straight away. Of all the parts I found helpful from , this one line keeps playing over and over in my head: With any degree of luck, this will be a once in a lifetime experience. If not, at least you will know what to do. Do, however, try to avoid “practice makes perfect!” Indeed.

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