Skipping the thundersnow

thundersnow I’m trying not to think about the weather all the time, but when you live on the side of a mountain in ski country, it’s hard not to be aware of it, especially during the winter. I start obsessively looking at the radar when I hear things like “thundersnow” in the forecast.

Weather reports are iffy on this one. Rain, then snow, starting at some point, and ending up with some amount, ending by tomorrow. Hard to plan when so many have so different predictions. I’ve heard everything from 6 inches to over a foot. I’m rooting for lesser amounts, please and thank you. We’ll skip the thundersnow, but thanks for asking.

We’d planned to get out today and get grain and bedding, both of which we really need. We forgot, however, that our two favorite feed stores are closed on Sunday. Oops. I guess we’ll have to go out first thing in the morning, despite the snow. At least we managed to hit the co-op for groceries, and it wasn’t even a madhouse.

Even though we have a plow guy come plow the snow off of the driveway, we still have a ton of shoveling to do to clear pathways and such. It took forever the last time it snowed a foot. So this time, we are trying to be smarter about where we park the vehicles, so that we can have clear walkways under them when we move them out, and the plow guy can clear more snow away with his truck. Here’s hoping that works.

Heavy, wet snow is no fun. I remember that’s how we had a roof collapse on the horses.

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