We have new puppies!

Happy Girl Just a quick note to announce a successful whelping of six gorgeous, healthy, happy new Icelandic Sheepdog puppies.

She had a long labor overnight, and absolutely refused to stay in the whelping box, preferring the bottom of a closet that she helpfully emptied out. I decided that was fine, and stayed with her all night, needing a flashlight to see what was happening!

She did great. There were often hours between puppies, which never happened with her mama, so I wasn’t sure when she was actually going to be finished. The longest gap was between puppies 3 and 4, and that puppy was huge when he finally arrived. The next two came pretty quickly after that, and we were done by about 4:30, after starting about 8 pm last night.

New puppies! Lots of black and white ones, which is no surprise, since Galdur and his mama are that color and pattern, as is Disa, Gaela’s mama. Preliminary look says 4 boys, 2 girls, but that was all done as they were delivered overnight, so no guarantees yet. After we’ve all had some sleep and they are well and truly bonded, we’ll take a much closer look.

No surprise, she’s being a great mama. She’s fine with the whelping box now, too. Handy!

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