Instincts are awesome

Gaela and Nelly Gaela is such a rock star.

I took the pups on a well-deserved romp around a couple local cemeteries this afternoon. All the big girls went chasing chipmunks in the surrounding woods, with Nelly a distant last, barking because THEY WON’T SLOW DOWN BUT HERE SHE COMES!

All of a sudden, she starts crying and yelping and screaming in the most pitiful fashion. It seems the poor girl disturbed a nest of yellow jackets. A bunch were attached to her back, and she was crying and trying to bite them but couldn’t reach, and was rolling on the ground to try to dislodge them.

While I was trying to figure out what to do to help, grab a bunch of leaves to pinch them with? Disa and Gaela showed up. Chasing chipmunks takes a back seat to an upset Nelly, it seems. Disa started biting the yellow jackets out of the air because there were many in attack mode, and Geala got Nelly to stand still so that she could bite them off her back.

Stina stood and cried in sympathy for a bit, and then started copying Disa and biting them out of the air.

When we got down to just a few little bastards trying to kill us, I got us all to run to the car and rolled up the windows quickly. The girls got the last two jerks who followed, and we then took some time to calm down. Whew.

I thought that I might have to run us up to the emergency vet, but we seem to be okay. I pulled a couple of stingers out of Nelly’s back, and she seems fine now. There hasn’t been much playing or goofing off this evening, but no one is in distress.

Not how I planned to spend this afternoon!

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