Bringing home the bacon … and much more!

Pumpkins I cook for a living these days, something the critters are very much in favor of.

Every day that I work, I save all of my kitchen prep and food that would otherwise go to waste and bring it home to the critters. There’s a real mix of stuff, from veg scraps to things that have gone past the date we could serve it to the public, things that got thawed that shouldn’t have, etc.

When I drive up, I’m announced with great fanfare. The whole gang comes running to see what I brought home today! The dogs get first dibs, of course, because dogs, but I spread it all out as much as I can, so there’s plenty for everyone.

Today, I brought home a bunch of pumpkins that were used for Thanksgiving decorations, and have now all been swapped out for Christmas stuff. Not a thing wrong with any of those pumpkins, not even frost damage. I dropped them off the back porch so they would crack open, and everyone came running. The birds are mostly eating the seeds, but some are eating the flesh, and the goats are eating it all.

Snack time No wonder my fermented grain goes so far, huh? They get such a good variety of scraps, meat, veg, cheese, pasta, bread. I tend to separate out bones and fat in a different container to give to just the dogs. With six dogs, that’s a lot less dog food that I have to buy, and I figure all that variety is good for them too.

But of everything I bring home, the bacon is everyone’s favorite! Man I miss having my own pigs.

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