Gaela is doing really well with the puppies. Such a good mama! She had six in her last litter, so seven isn’t that big a difference, I guess. But I’m remembering Stina’s last litter of five, and seven feels like so much more!

They sound like little teakettles, lots of whistling and squeaking. So cute!

She’s such an attentive mother, just like last time. She’ll only come out for a quick hello right when I get home, then runs back inside. She’ll hear me in the kitchen and will pop over for something she loves (opening up the cat food can!) but then goes right back.

I’m seeing and hearing her drink a lot, and I’m offering her water right in the whelping box as well. I don’t want her getting dehydrated.

Here’s just a minute or so of what it sounds like in my living room.

No, I still don’t know the sex of the puppies yet. I really try to be very hands off for the first three days. On Day Three, I’ll start Early Neurological Training and will weigh them all and check the sex. Soon!

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