A Walk in Our Woods

20010722_0005_web.jpg Frank and I took a walk out in the woods today, with our friend Paul, up from Greenfield, Massachusetts. Paul was in search of mushrooms, which turned out to be hopeless. We think it is probably too dry, too early, maybe.

20010722_0002_web.jpg Frank and I wanted some water/bog plants for our pond, and we found quite a bit. The woods were gorgeous, and we have several abandoned beaver ponds that are drying up, so we even feel virtuous about rescuing the water plants.

20010722_0010_web.jpg Coming up on the house from the back end like this reminds me how in the boonies we really are. From the front, we’re only about a mile from the center of town (of 700 people, but still.) Behind us are literally miles of woods. We used to get out in them more often than we have lately. I wonder if we’ll make time for it again. We really enjoyed it today.

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