Handspring USB hiccough

We discovered something cute this week: Lisa’s Handspring visor will only hotsync if it is plugged into the bottom USB port of her Thinkpad. We haven’t tried serial, but IR doesn’t work either. The machines see each other but the Palm software doesn’t run. However if you plug it into the correct port it works like a champ.

Meanwhile, we’ve got our first problem with Gallery and Apache 2.0. On one of our galleries (we have several),the Gallery Remote program has broken. It runs, but claims there’s nothing there after it logs in. This may or may not be a 2.0 problem. (3/22) ‘Twasn’t a gallery problem. It was the standard problem of Gallery needing more than PHP’s default 8meg of RAM. If you use standard Gallery you see the PHP error message. Unfortunately, Gallery Remote, which is a Java client (and a big time saver for uploads) doesn’t pass back the message. So anybody who has a Galley site approaching a thousand total pictures should just go raise the limit in PHP.ini.

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