A bear, and columbine

P6020023.jpgIt seems like it happened overnight, but poof, the comumbine are in bloom all over the garden. I like the areas I have them. I have many right in the front of the house, and they honestly seem the happiest. Big plants, many blooms, quite pretty.

I took a dwarf variety last year and planted them along the edge of the bed in front of the pond, where I weeded this weekend. They look okay, but I’m reminding myself that they didn’t bloom at all last year, and they are at least blooming this year. They are still very young plants, so I’m trying to be patient.

P6020026.jpgThe creeping phlox remains gorgeous, and the white variety is visible even in the dark. I keep calling it creepy phlox, but really, I love it. It is spreading nicely. The purple tends to mound up and needs to be split, I think. I love the way it looks spilling over the stone wall in front, though.

P6020027.jpgWe saw the, um, evidence of a bear this morning, right in the middle of the driveway. He’d rummaged through some of the bags of spent coffee that we had over by the new compost bin, and had thrown some of them into the driveway as well. They weren’t torn up too badly, though, so we’re hoping he didn’t like it. I later saw the back side of him as he walked up Mack Hill Road, too quickly for me to grab the camera. Bears are cool.

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