Beehive frame jigs

P4140003.jpgWow. Two hives times four deep bodies times ten frames each is 40 fullsize frames. They go together pretty quickly, and we’ve got the assembly line down pat, but man are there a lot of them. We aren’t thinking about the top super frames yet, because we won’t need them until much later in the year, if we even need them at all this year. From everything we read, we shouldn’t expect to get any honey at all this year.

P4140005.jpgFrank rigged up a jig to help us make the frames, and it’s working really well. We are using a little brad stapler, bought just for this purpose. We tried it with a hammer and are really too spoiled by the nailers that we use for everything else. We figure if we’re going to keep bees, it’s worth the investment, because we’ll be making a lot of hivebody frames over the years.

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