The First Sheep Shed Frame

123_2337_JFR.jpgWe worked outside a lot today, on the sheep sheds, of course. Now that we’ve got the yards penned in, we don’t have to worry about the ground freezing and not being able to get the posts in. We had enough lumber cut on the sawmill to start framing one of the sheds, and getting that up took us most of the afternoon.

123_2340_JFR.jpgSue enjoyed having us working over next to him. Even the sound of the framing nailer going “ka POW” over and over didn’t spook him. He got scared once of the circular saw, and panicked so much that he threw himself into the electric fence on the other side of the pen, poor guy. But after that first time, he just stayed away when it was running, and didn’t panic again.

123_2342_JFR.jpgWe re-arranged the girls’ fencing to get them more green grass today, too. Frank was worried the ground would be too frozen to get the stakes in well, but it worked out okay. They’ve got that routine down pat. They know when we start re-arranging that fresh pasture is in the works, and are so eager that they all stay right close to me, which makes re-arranging all that flopping fencing a bit tricky.

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