Cast removal, Second Shed Frame

123_2381_JFR.jpgValerie came over today to help remove the little lame lamb’s cast, finally. It’s been three weeks, I think. Close enough to the month the vet was hoping for. The vet had said anything over two weeks would be fine, and to go as long as we could with it. But the lamb had a real growth spurt over the last week, and was limping so much that I could hardly stand to watch her.

Getting that cast off was really hard. We’d looked all over Keene for a pair of cast removal scissors, completely without luck. Valerie said she’d had a friend’s father use a sawzall, but that seemed a bit extreme. Kitchen sheers were useless, and we were using hand-pruners for a while, but that outer shell was really hard to cut through. Frank finally decided to try a pair of loppers that he uses to prune the crab apple trees, and that did the trick.

The little lamb was pretty easy to control, really. I’d seen pictures in books and magazines that said to basically sit them down in your lap, wrap your arms around their stomach and they’ll sit there. That’s what we did, and it worked fine. It probably took us 30 minutes to get the cast off, and she was basically fine the whole time. Actually, she was almost cuddly, and nuzzled with whoever was holding her.

Todd came up from Boston to help Frank frame the second shed, and what a difference that made. That got it done together in no time at all, even having to run some logs through the sawmill to make individual pieces of the frame right there at the time. So now we have two frames, and he’s going to be able to come back on Tuesday after we go buy some roofing stuff. We think we’re going to go with metal roofing, and it will be great to have him helping us get that up. We can side the two things ourselves, but the roofing will go much better with him here.

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