I may be too stupid to farm

Too Stupid To Farm Seriously. I know better than to leave my back exposed to a ram in breeding season. But I forgot this morning when I was milking Ella Mae, and got nailed, hard, by Miguel. Enough damage that I had to crawl to get to the phone, passed out once, and again while waiting for the ambulance to show up. Hairline fractures in my pelvis, horrible muscle spasms. Will have to MRI the hip when the swelling goes down. Frank had to come back from Cambridge to nurse me. Drugs are barely touching the pain. If there turns out to be damage to the hip I think I may throw in the towel.

The pups were amazing. Miguel was headed for another hit and Deeza went for his face to get him to back off. I passed out on the porch and was woken by turkeys pecking at me, called the dogs, and they kept the porch clear after that. Bjarki was frantic to find Frank. Kept going to the sawmill, the truck, the basement. I really wish we had cell phone signal out here, though. We are far enough out in the boonies that an injury that happened at probably 7:05 didn’t get dealt with for over two hours. Also, bumpy gravel driveways SUCK.

3 thoughts on “I may be too stupid to farm”

  1. Lisa,

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident. It could have happened to anyone (Anyone with sheep, anyway…) We have a ram who seemed just fine and mellow… until he didn’t. This is the season for it.

    Glad to hear the Icies helped you out. I have no doubt that our Luka (Also an Icelandic sheepdog) would step out in front of a ram for me.

    Hope you feel better soon.



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