My fall farming footwear

I'm so sexy We finally got back the socks that we had Zellinger Wool knit for us from our wool. It was expensive to do, but I’m so pleased with these socks. Now that it’s cooler in the mornings (around freezing almost every day), I slip the socks on in my crocs and then go out to milk in my PJs and robe, then putter around in the mornings in just the socks. They are better than any slippers I’ve ever had in my entire life. I love warm, cozy slippers.

We sent them 33 pounds of wool, about one fleece over their minimum. We were expecting to get back about 115 crew socks at $9.50 each. Instead, our wool could only be used to make their terry socks. We got back 80 pair of terry socks that cost us about $17.50 each, plus shipping round trip and our wool. We have many different sizes, too. Perfect. (but did I mention expensive?)

I wonder what a fair price is to sell them. (Just in time for winter!)

I wonder how many of them I actually need to keep for myself.

These are all cream colored, inside and out, just like most of my sheepies. Well, maybe not inside for them.

I will put them up on Etsy, I think. Would you express an opinion on what you think a fair price would be?

5 thoughts on “My fall farming footwear”

  1. I’m sure the wool is wonderful warm and so on, but I can’t justify paying $30 for a pair of socks, no matter how wonderfully warm they are.

    Consequently, I think you’re going to have a difficult time selling them at that price right off. You might have to take a loss the first time out, just to move the inventory.

  2. The wonder of wool is that it stays warm even when wet. I bet if you looked in a catalog for hunters, snowmobilers or loggers you’d find that pure wool socks are VERY expensive and people are willing to pay it.

  3. If I would wear wool for those I’d pay $20 a pair for the quality – too bad you didnt get what you thought, $10 socks easier to move I’m sure.


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