Fencing is forever

Detention The high tensile cross fencing last week lasted for 24 hours, then everyone came home down Mack Hill Rd, and wanted the gate opened please. Back on hay. Grr. We cannot afford summer hay. They will browse inside fences or we will have mutton sausage.

The orchard paddock keeps everyone in except Minx and Gracie, who twice got into Mommy’s garden. They are now in jail. They may get another chance this week.

The horses do respect the fence, which is good. Lisa however has a story about Pearl and the swamp. I was 100 miles away. They like this paddock better, and they’re getting some nutrition from browse.

We went out today and stacked logs under the high spots in the new fence. We also ran four strands across the orchard paddock. It cuts off our laneway gate, but it gives us another buffer for the garden, and if it holds, a spot to plant our few surviving fruit trees.

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