Blizzards are exhausting

Our own little dog park Jeremy is visiting from San Diego and brought Roki, so we have our very own dog park going on outside today — three Great Pyrs and three Icelandic sheepdogs. That’s a big old party right there. With snow! The amount of energy that Roki has is sort of amazing, and his being here had all of the dogs in zoom zoom zoom mode, even more so than usual. Buffy and Faith were born in mid-January too, so they are the same age, and much fun was had by all. I’m pretty sure Roki and Maggie remembered each other, because they played very similarly and it was all just too cute for words. It’s so nice to see Roki again!

Blizzard Doing all the chores in the blowing wind and heavy snow is just exhausting, says the person who mostly just watched and took pictures. Frank is totally and completely wiped out, and that’s with some help from Anne McCune and Jeremy with the food run. What a day! Poor guy. The critters all seem to be weathering it well. It’s a good thing we have hardy critters. There’s probably 18 inches of snow out there, but it’s hard to tell because it’s blowing around so madly. We hear tomorrow will be just the wind. I hate wind. HATE.

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  1. I’m with you on the winter wind issue. I can take snow on the ground and cold subzero temperatures but the wind will make things feel 10 times worse. Last year we had about three feet of snow on the ground by now but this year a puny 3 inches. Hardly enough to go sledding down the school yard hill. I haven’t had the toboggan out one time yet this year. I don’t have animals so I don’t really have to go outside if the weather is too bad.

    Have a great healing up post Christmas week.


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