I didn’t do a single thing today really to help with the actual farming. Poor Frank had to do everything by himself, and all I did was nag to be sure he didn’t forget anything.

Well, I did one thing. The local college emptied out their walk-in refrigerator and we got a bunch of containers of hard-boiled eggs. I’ve been mixing them with either sour cream or cottage cheese (both from the same clean-out) and we’ve been feeding them to the chickens. So I managed to stand long enough to get a batch made for both chicken coops.

Other than that, I’ve been listening to Frank do everything. It’s amazing what I can tell is happening from the sounds I can hear from inside the house. When he brings the ducks and geese water, there is much rejoicing. WATER! WATER!

Been eating butternut squash? He cut the tree out of the tractor, and all of the sheepies went nuts. They are convinced that if a chainsaw is running, surely it’s to bring them tree-tops for treats, no? Uh, no, sheepies. There are no leaves in the winter, sorry. But he bashed open a bunch of butternut squash for them, and despite being frozen, they all went away. Everyone has orange noses. They are so cute. I love having them up near the house.

He fed the pigs just twice today, I think. We got a whole bunch of potatoes and have been heating the house by cooking them.

It’s so weird for me to not have stepped outside even once today, but I’m not moving well. I’m more sore today than I was yesterday, which I guess is no surprise. I’ve got a goose egg on the top of my head, and I know my goose eggs, so no exaggeration there! I started getting muscle cramps and spasms, called the doctor (and apologized for calling on Christmas!) and Frank drove to town to pick me up some muscle relaxers and visited his mom at the same time.

Captive audience Disa has decided that the only way I will heal is to have her either on my lap or I should occupy myself by throwing her ball. She’s got a captive audience after all, and is making the very most of it. I miss my big white fluffy puppies but I’m in grim enough shape that I just can’t manage to go outside on the snow. The thought of falling is terrifying.

Jeremy is in New Jersey celebrating the holidays there with his girlfriend’s family, and is going to come up tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be horrid, so now I’ve got another thing to worry about, but it will be so good to see him.

2 thoughts on ““Farming””

  1. do you knit?….i could send you some yarn =)

    i hope the pain and spasms get under control…..PLEASE stay inactive! better healing….. =) all your babies depend on a well-mama =)

  2. Lisa – sorry to hear about your current predicament. Am sure a cure is around. but still this sounds like a message to review ‘something’ – there’s always a good side to anything ;D

    Best wishes to you, Frank and the whole farm critters


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