Happy 4th Birthday, Bjarki

Happy 4th Birthday, Bjarki!

What a year he’s had!

He had a great year. We learned that he’s a great daddy, not that we ever doubted it. He loves babies of all types, after all, but he thinks baby dogs are The Bomb. He babysat them all the time. He played with them. He showed them how to play with Maggie. He showed them how to swim. He was such a joy around them.

He’s still a bad boy wanderer, though. Damn it. If you take your eyes off of him because you are busy with something else, half the time he’ll head down to the village, with or without his ball. Everyone in the village is so nice to him and they are so many dogs to play with that it’s really hard to compete with that. He’s such a houdini, with the digging and climbing. We thought we’d just keep tethering him, but he’s managed out of that lately, and keeps losing collars. (and tags)

He’s a great help around the farm. He knows “pigs” generally and “Albus” or “Minnie” specifically. It’s the same with the sheep. He gives kisses on command if I say “Oh, give her a kiss”. His whole backside waggle, waggle, waggles.

He can ignore a gaudy gaggle of geese forever, but the two tom turkeys, Randy and Dandy, get on his very last nerve.

He still loves sticks and balls, frisbees. He wants to be squirt with a hose, no matter how cold it is. He loves to swim. And run. Dig. He loves snow. He digs a spot under a shed to stay cool in the summer.

He likes to go bye-bye. He likes to hang out the window. If I say “shake” while he’s hanging out, he puts his paw up so his fan club often thinks he’s waving at them.

We call him Bjarki-boy. Bad boy. Bjarki-my-lad. Jeremy. (there seems to be one slot for “small male family member” in our brains.)

He still jumps up on you, damn it. Rarely on me, often on Frank, always on everyone else. I wish I knew how to break that habit. It’s really irritating. He treats everyone like his very best friend. He loves everyone. Yup, even you. Everyone loves him, too.

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