Picking a puppy

Three We are going to keep a female from this litter. Laura from Solhunder Icelandic Sheepdogs will get the first pick, and my understanding is that she is hoping to find a buyer in the Toronto area. Contact her if you are interested! None of them have opened their eyes yet, but I am starting to see some tiny little slits appear. I can’t wait to see actual eyes.

Five I want either the dark brown girl or the brown girl from this litter. I already have a black and white, so having another doesn’t make much sense. Bjarki doesn’t seem to carry the black and white gene, or at least he didn’t pass it along in the last litter. But that way, I’ll have two females unrelated to Bjarki. I’m so enjoying having the puppies that being able to have a litter a year sounds awesome.

If you are interested in a puppy yourself, drop me an email at lisa@mackhillfarm.com.

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